USAAF and USN Military History Section

Allied Forces - USAAF and USN

Allied Forces - USAAF Bombers

Russian - Soviet Fighters and Fighter Bombers

Russian - Soviet Bombers

Axis Powers - Italian Forces ANR Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana

Regia Aeronautica Regia Aeronautica

Axis Powers - Japanese Forces - IJAAF and IJNAF

Axis Powers - German Forces - Kriegsmarine Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht
German Fighters

Kampfflieger Aircraft - German Bombers Aircraft

Luftwaffe Aufklärer Aircraft - Reconnaissance and Liaison Aircraft

Luftwaffe Nachtjager Aircraft - Night Fighter Aircraft

Luftwaffe Maritime Aircraft

Luftwaffe Transport Aircraft

List of aircraft shot down by Luftwaffe Units and Pilots

Ubisoft IL2 Series of Games - Virtual Missions Aircraft Templates

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