German Flak

Flak-Brigade XX


  • Oberst Wolfgang Bayer, 1 May 1943 - Sep 1944

Formed May 1943 in Stuttgart from with:

In Summer 1943 became 20. Flak-Brigade. Organisation 1 Nov 1943:

Jun 1944 moved to Doullens (France, protection of the V-weapon sites), now with (1 Jul 1944):

Sep 1944 in Rotterdam (as Stab/Flak-Brigade z.b.V. des Luftwaffenkommando West). The brigade is not listed between Sep 1944 and Dec 1944, and was apparently withdrawn from duties, with no subordinate units attached.

In Jan 1945 redesignated

Subordinated to from Jun 1944 and from Sep 1944

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