P-51D Mustang

USAAF sn 44 14272 P 51D 10 Mustang 67TRG15RS 5M F crashed Rokycany area Apr 25 1945 01 USAAF sn 44 14272 P 51D 10 Mustang 67TRG15RS 5M F crashed Rokycany area Apr 25 1945 02 USAAF sn 44 14272 P 51D 10 Mustang 67TRG15RS 5M F crashed Rokycany area Apr 25 1945 03

North-American P-51D Mustang 67th Reconnaissance Group 15th Reconnaissance Squadron coded 5M-F with USAAF serial Number 44-14272 was hit by flak and crash landed Rokycany Region Apr 25 1945.

Photo 01-03:1944014272-P-51D-Mustang-67TRG15RS-5M-F-crashed-Rokycany-Region-Apr-25-1945-01

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67th Reconnaissance Group

Constituted as 67th Observation Group on 21 Aug 1941. Activated on 1 Sep 1941. Flew antisubmarine patrols along the east coast of the US after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Began training in Jan 1942 for duty overseas. Moved to the European theater, Aug-Oct 1942. Assigned first to Eighth and later (Oct 1943) to Ninth AF. Redesignated 67th Reconnaissance Group in May 1943, 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Nov 1943, and 67th Reconnaissance Group in Jun 1945. Trained in England for more than a year before beginning operations in Dec 1943. Used P-38's, P-51's, and F-5's to fly artillery-adjustment, weather-reconnaissance, bomb-damage assessment, photographic-reconnaissance, and visual-reconnaissance missions. Received a DUC for operations along the coast of France, 15 Feb-20 Mar 1944, when the group flew at low altitude in the face of intense flak to obtain photographs that aided the invasion of the Continent. Flew weather missions, made visual reconnaissance for ground forces, and photographed enemy positions to support the Normandy campaign and later to assist First Army and other Allied forces in the drive to Germany. Took part in the offensive against the Siegfried Line, Sep-Dec 1944, and in the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944-Jan 1945. From Jan to May 1945, photographed dams on the Roer River in preparation for the ground offensive to cross the river, and aided the Allied assault across the Rhine and into Germany. Returned to the US, Jul-Sep 1945. Inactivated on 31 Mar 1946.

Activated on 19 May 1947. Assigned to Tactical Air Command. Equipped with RB-26's and RF-80's. Redesignated 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in June 1948. Inactivated on 28 Mar 1949.

Activated in Japan on 25 Feb 1951. Assigned to Far East Air Forces. Moved to Korea in Mar 1951 and served in the Korean War until the armistice. Used RB-26, RF-51, RF-80, RF-86, and RF-84 aircraft. Made photographic reconnaissance of front lines, enemy positions, and installations; took pre-strike and bomb damage assessment photographs; made visual reconnaissance of enemy artillery and naval gun positions; and flew weather missions. Received an AFOUA for the period 1 Dec 1952-30 Apr 1953 when, in the face of enemy opposition and adverse weather, the group performed reconnaissance missions on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week basis to provide valuable intelligence for UN forces. Returned to Japan, Nov-Dec 1954.

Squadrons. 11th: 1946; 1947-1949; 1953-. 12th: 1942-1944; 1947-1949; 1951-. 15th (formerly Observation): 1944; 1951-. 15th (formerly Photographic): 1947. 30th: 1944-1945. 33d: 1944, 1945. 45th: 1951-. 107th: 1941-1945. 109th: 1941-1945. 113th: 1941-1942. 153d: 1941-1944. 161st: 1945.

Stations. Esler Field, La, 1 Sep 1941; Charleston, SC, Dec 1941; Esler Field, La, Jan-Aug 1942; Membury, England, Sep 1942; Middle Wallop, England, Dec 1943; Le Molay, France, Jul 1944; Toussus le Noble, France, Aug 1944; Gosselies, Belgium, Sep 1944; Vogelsang, Germany, Mar 1945; Limburg an der Lahn, Germany, c. 2 Apr 1945; Eschwege, Germany, c. 10 Apr-Jul 1945; Drew Field, Fla, c. 21 Sep 1945; MacDill Field, Fla, Dec 1945; Shaw Field, SC, Feb-31 Mar 1946. Langley Field, Va, 19 May 1947; March Field, Calif, c. 25 Jul 1947-28 Mar 1949. Komaki, Japan, 25 Feb 1951; Taegu, Korea, Mar 1951; Kimpo, Korea, Aug 1951; Itami, Japan, c. 1 Dec 1954-.

Commanders. Unkn, Sep-Nov 1941; Lt Col Oliver H Stout, c. 21 Nov 1941; Col Frederick R Anderson, c. 4 May 1942; Col George W Peck, 6 Dec 1943; Lt Col Richard S Leghorn, 11 May 1945-unkn. Unkn, May-Jul 1947; Maj Edwin C Larson, 25 Jul 1947; Lt Col Arvis L Hilpert, 15 Aug 1947; Col Leon W Gray, 16 Aug 1947; Lt Col Royal B Allison, 20 Mar 1948; Col Horace A Hanes, 22 Mar 1948; Col Loren G McCollom, c. 16 Jan 1949-unkn. Col Jacob W Dixon, c. 28 Feb 1951; Lt Col Stone, c. 29 Aug 1951; Col Charles C Andrews, Sep 1951; Col Robert R Smith, May 1952; Lt Col George T Prior, Oct 1952; Col John G Foster, 1952-unkn; Col John C Egan, c. 22 Oct 1953; Lt Col Hartwell C Lancaster, 8 May 1954; Col Loren G McCollom, 1 June 1954; Col Prescott M Spicer, 11 Aug 1954; Lt Col Joseph C Smith, 24 Nov 1954-unkn; Col John W Baer, 31 Aug 1955-.

Campaigns. World War II: Antisubmarine, American Theater; Air Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe. Korean War: 1st UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive; UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea Summer-Fall, 1952; Third Korean Winter; Korea Summer-Fall, 1953.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citations: Le Havre and Straits of Dover, 15 Feb-20 Mar 1944; Korea, 25 Feb-21 Apr 1951; Korea, 9 Jul-27 Nov 1951; Korea, 1 May-27 Jul 1953. Cited in the Order of the Day, Belgian Army: 6 Jun-30 Sep 1944; 16 Dec 1944-25 Jan 1945. Belgian Fourragere. Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation: [Mar] 1951-31 Mar 1953. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Dec 1952-30 Apr 1953.

Insigne. Shield: Per bend sinister, sky proper (light blue) and azure between a lightning bolt gules, fimbriated sable, in bend sinister, the quarter section of a sun, issuing from the dexter chief, or, fimbriated sable, in sinister four stars argent, one, two and one, all the shield within a diminutive border sable. Motto: Lux Ex Tenebris - Light from Darkness. (Approved 20 Mar 1952.)

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