Ergänzungskampfgruppe LT


  • Maj Peter Schnoor, 7 Sep 1944 - 31 Jan 1945

Formed 7 Sep 1944 in Lübeck-Blankensee* from IV./ with:

Stab/Erg.KGr. LT from Stab IV./KG77
1./Erg.KGr. LT from 12./KG77
2./Erg.KGr. LT from 11./
3./Erg.KGr. LT from 12./KG26

On 1 Feb 1945 renamed II./ with :

Stab/Erg.KGr. LT became Stab II./EKG1
1./Erg.KGr. LT became 5./EKG1
2./Erg.KGr. LT became 6./EKG1
3./Erg.KGr. LT became 7./EKG1

Subordinated to Luftflotte Reich.

Airfields and Air Base Locations

7 Sep 1944 - 1 Feb 1945 Lübeck-Blankensee   He 111H, Ju 88A, Ju 188A

* LT = Lufttopedo.

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