leichte Flak-Abteilung 93 (mot.)

    Formed 1 Aug 1938 in Bonn with:

    Stab/le.Linz in Bonn from parts of II./
    1./le.Linz in Bonn from parts of II./
    2./le.Linz in Dortmund from parts of
    3./le.Linz in Essen from parts of II./

    Initially known as le.Flak-Abt. Linz, but from 15 Nov 1938 le.Flak-Abt.93. Moved to Linz in Dec 1938(?).

    1./le.93 was destroyed 1943 at Welikije Luki, but was reformed soon after.

    From May 1944 known as le.Flak-Abteilung 93 (Sf.).


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